Carlton Hollow Long Term Care Planning Event 6/5/19

Posted by Marketing Sunrise on June 6th, 2019

On Wednesday, June 5th, Carlton Hollow Apartments hosted an event with speakers from Herzog Law Firm and Northwestern Mutual, to discuss the Triple Crown of long term care planning:  protecting your assets, learning your long-term care options, and simplifying/downsizing your life. We would like to thank all who attended as well as our speakers:

  • David A. Kubikian, Esq., Principal of the Herzog Law Firm
  • Ryan Hungershafer, Managing Director of the Northwestern Mutual Albany District Office
  • Matthew Haye, Growth and Development Director of the Northwestern Mutual Latham District Office

Below are some pictures of the event!

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Matthew Haye and Ryan Hungershafer from Northwestern Mutual.

David A. Kubikian Esq. from the Herzog Law Firm.

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