See What Residents of Sunrise Communities are Saying About their Experiences

Posted by Marketing Sunrise on May 12th, 2020

We are profoundly grateful for all of the kind words our residents have shared with us through surveys in 2020 about their experience living in Sunrise-managed communities. Check out some of their comments below:


Adams Park Apartments

“Nice community lawns look fabulous, Jackie was very helpful. Maintenance nice. I called they came right over.” – Demetrius R., 8/11/20

“Maintenance is fast and nice.”– Chad D., 6/9/20

“I’ve always receive prompt service. The maintenance workers are always friendly, knowledgeable, professional and helpful.”– Katricia M., 6/5/20

“They quickly and professionally answered my questions and issues in regarding the current plumbing problem.”– Michael D., 6/4/20

“Our maintenance “Go To Guy” is Frank Merrill and he is very professional as well as respectful!!! He always goes above and beyond!!!” – Samentha M., 5/13/20

“Its a nice quiet community.” – Ramon B., 3/31/20

“The maintenance people here have always been very helpful to me in the 32 years I’ve lived here. Whatever request for help I’ve put in has either been immediately handled or has been addressed as soon as possible. I just renewed my lease – I’ve been here 32 years and I don’t really want to leave! It’s very comfortable here, I’ve been through many changes here in the complex, but it’s always been a good place to live. I will say, seriously, I’ve known several people who’ve moved away and were sorry they did afterward!” – Dianne B., 3/23/20

“I have no complaints at all and happy to live here.” – Ecaterina T., 2/4/20


Carlton Hollow Apartments

“Miguel never ceases to amaze me. He is a truly lovely man and a real asset to Carlton Hollow.”– Sydelle F., 6/3/20

“Beautiful surroundings, large rooms, brand new appliances, and the BEST property manager ever.” – Diane M., 2/19/20


Draper Lofts Apartments

“I have recommend it twice to friends.”– Louise M., 6/23/20

“I would recommend this community because issues get handled in a timely manner. I have no complains thus far. The service I received was great.” – Christine C., 5/11/20

“The apartment community is clean and well maintained. The maintenance man was kind and organized. He was polite and got the job done.” – Shilendra R., 4/28/20

“My problem was taken care of in a timely and efficient manner, which really impressed me as it usually takes landlords and/or management a long time to get things fixed.” – Gabrielle G., 1/14/20


Homeroom Lofts

“We have had a great response time with any issues we have had so far and Chris is extremely friendly and professional. So far this has been the best apartment community we have lived in with the best response time from staff and maintenance staff.” – James T., 4/28/20

“Because of the pandemic I honestly didn’t expect a response until it was over. I was pleasantly surprised. We love our space and the shared space in the hallways is always cleaned and smells nice. The app to pay bills and request repairs is the nicest I’ve seen, very user friendly. Also they allow all breeds of dogs, which is rare to find in as nice of a place as this.” – Ann T., 4/20/20



Long Pond Village Apartments

“Pete is great.” – Nicholas L., 8/25/20

“Dave is always so nice, and genuine, he is a great guy to have around.” – Joshua P., 8/12/20

“It is safe, clean and offers a lot to residents. The maintenance and office staff are super friendly and always helpful.” – Pamela B., 8/7/20

“David Holland is the best manager we’ve had since I moved to long pond in 2013. He is very courteous and responds to my needs very quickly. He took my requests and immediately called the personnel to get to work on it. A big thank you to him and to the maintenance man who did the work.” – Grace A., 6/25/20

“I have been a resident here for 12 years and have felt that the maintenance staff has been efficient. I have always spoken very highly of the maintenance staff here.” – Stephen S., 6/8/20

“Pete is the very best of all maintenance people we have dealt with in this complex!!” – Thomas M., 4/4/20

“Everyone is very nice and friendly! I love it here!” – Danielle D., 3/17/20

“Pete is always friendly and even small jobs are done without judgement. Whenever we call for an issue it is always taken care of quickly. A recent leak was attended to immediately and there was follow up and cleaning.” – Edward W., 2/13/20

“Maintenance is always wonderful, and Will especially was very kind and helpful this time!” – Christina V., 1/31/20

“The Long Pond Village crew are always updating you on their latest events and very quick responses to any questions you may have!” – Randy M., 1/13/20

“I have lived here for 10 years. The service has always been outstanding. The personnel are friendly and work hard to do their best to make you feel at home and safe.” – Al D., 1/13/20

“Its a great place to live, everybody in the front office are so nice and maintenance is always here when there’s a problem, I love it here, they have barbecues, in the summer months, movie night and so much more. A beautiful club house and an exercise room.” – Arthur C., 1/3/20


Pine Park Terrace Apartments

“I really have enjoyed being here. It’s clean and a friendly environment. The people are friendly. It’s quite and hearing the children play outside is enjoyable.”– Mary P., 7/31/20



Van Allen Apartments

“Maintenance interactions is what is keeping us here.” – Jonathan I., 8/31/20

“Very fast and friendly service. Stayed behind to answer any questions we had!” – Samuel M., 8/28/20

“Chris truly goes above and beyond for the residents of this community. Every interaction I have with him only elevates my appreciation of his skill sets, his customer service, professionalism and genuine drive to provide the best care and attention to each situation presented to him. He makes you feel that your needs and concerns are of utmost importance and he does all this with a smile and a positive attitude. In my opinion, Chris is probably one of the best assets of living in this complex. He is invaluable in terms of the quality of living at Van Allen. Thank you Chris for all you do!!!” – Jaime S., 8/24/20

“Chris, our maintenance professional, was exceptional. He addressed all of our concerns and everything was fixed within a day. We are so pleased with the work completed in our apartment!” – Shannon D., 8/4/20

“Response to three issues was done within 5 minutes of submission and all three items were completed within 90 minutes!!” – Stephen H., 8/3/20

“Beautiful environment, friendly neighbors and excellent curb appeal. When it comes to fixing things in apartment, maintenance responds quickly and efficiently.” – Samantha C., 7/31/20

“This is a great community to live in. Very peaceful and the management care about the well of residents.” – Fredrick O., 7/28/20

“The service was great!” – Nni G., 4/23/20

“Chris is always amazing. He takes care of problems quickly and in a friendly manner.” – Rebecca O., 3/3/20

“Julie Mills is exceptional and fabulous to all who meet her! Her professionalism, patience, excellent customer service, and kindness truly hit home with us in our dealings with her. Love everything – EVERYTHING and I would advise everyone to think of Van Allen.” – Lenora G., 3/2/20

“Hands down the best apartment complex I’ve ever lived in, clean, quiet, and every staff member we have dealt with has always been courteous and professional. Keep doing what you do!! Outstanding!!” – Kristian V., 2/19/20

“Chris from maintenance was excellent.” – Sylvio M., 2/17/20

“Chris is the best maintenance person EVER!!” – Taylor H., 2/7/20

“I love Van Allen. I never have anything bad to say about it! Chris is always quick to make sure any problems I have are solved. Even minor cosmetic ones that are a huge help to me as a single woman.” – Tara C., 1/28/20

“Chris is always courteous and knowledgeable. He called me after hours to ensure the situation could be handled in the morning. Always a pleasure to deal with.” – Renae B., 1/20/20

“Very convenient area.” – Lorraine P., 1/15/20

“We love living at Van Allen Apartments. Believe we are going on our 4th year and plan to stay as long as the kids are in school. No plans on leaving. Nice community and good school district for the kids.” – Christopher F., 1/13/20


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