Plans for Reinvigorating Lincoln Park will be Good News for Residents of @HudsonPark

Posted by sunrise255 on November 7th, 2018

Residents of @HudsonPark, a new apartment community coming soon to Downtown Albany, will get to enjoy the many amenities of the Hudson/Park neighborhood including the Capital Roots Comunity Gardens on Myrtle Avenue, and Lincoln Park. Not only does Lincoln Park offer a chance for the community to enjoy its green space and trails, but it also features an outdoor pool that has just a $1 admission fee (see here for details on the pool).

Good news for the residents of @HudsonPark and the whole Hudson/Park neighborhood is that the City of Albany has announced that it is creating a master plan to reinvigorate the park. Here is an excerpt from their website with additional information:


Planning for updates
in Lincoln Park





The City of Albany is creating a Master Plan for the beloved South End landmark—Lincoln Park.

In the 1800s, this newly registered historic site once cradled the Hudson River tributary, Beaver Kill, whose meandering flows created a ravine that reached depths of over thirty feet.

Over time, the ravine was filled, Beaver Kill was redirected, and Lincoln Park became traditionally redesigned as an urban park, blending its sloped topography and Capital viewsheds with park elements such as play space, public swimming, and other athletic opportunities.

Today, the City looks forward to bringing the community together to gather input that will create a new vision and updated layout for Lincoln Park.  The Master Plan aims to build on existing conditions, showcase Lincoln Park’s growing amenities, improve access and connectivity with surrounding Neighborhoods, and meet the ideals for programming and community engagement.

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