Long Pond Village Gives Back on Spring Forward

Posted by sunrise255 on April 21st, 2017

Long Pond Village Apartments Welcomed Spring with an Event
to Help Residents Adjust to Daylight Savings Time and to Offer an Opportunity to Give Back

530 People Benefited from Long Pond Village Donations to The Emily Willey Foundation

Returning to work on Monday after clocks spring forward can leave you wishing you could hit snooze for the next hour! Long Pond Village Apartments (www.LongPondVillage.com) had the idea to help ease the transition to an hour less sleep by springing for coffee and muffins at the clubhouse, providing a little extra fuel for the morning commute. Since early spring is also a great time to do spring cleaning and donate unneeded clothes, residents were asked to bring in gently used items for The Emily Willey Foundation.

Check out this spread that greeted residents on March 13, 2017:

Long Pond Village is so proud that our amazing community of residents brought in enough donations for 530 people to benefit, many of whom were those impacted by house fires. We were so proud to receive this letter and be able to facilitate our residents giving back!

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