Ideas for What to Do When You Stay Home to Stop the Spread

Posted by Marketing Sunrise on April 23rd, 2020

Our thoughts are with you as we all work together to stay home to help slow the spread of COVID-19! Below are some ideas for things to do at home.

Added 4/30/20:

Enjoy a Book Discussion from an Author

  • The Northshire Bookstore in Saratoga is hosting weekly book discussions with the authors of some wonderful stories. Go to their website every Thursday at 5 pm to find your next read.

Take a Virtual Dance Class

  • Enjoy a virtual dance class with Ailey Extension. They are offering free dance classes during this time. Click here to see the live schedule and check out their recorded YouTube videos.
  • Broadway Dance Center is also offering online dance classes as well as guest-instructed masterclasses from industry professionals for just $12 per class. Check out the full schedule here.

Learn to Draw

  • Drawing can be very therapeutic, but it can be difficult for beginners. Check out this list of free drawing classes that can be a helpful tool to work on the craft and start a new hobby. Most of them even offer classes at the intermediate and advanced levels. Click here to check it out.

Take an Online Photography Course

  • Check out this list of free photography courses you can take. This is the perfect time to learn so that when you can get out there and travel the world, you can take beautiful photos of your excursions.

Play a Coloring Game and Help Save the Coral Reef

  • NASA has created a game that lets you help them in mapping out the bottom of the ocean floor. The more people who play, the better the supercomputer’s mapping abilities become. You will explore NASA’s 3D images and find and categorize different types of Coral. The game is called NEMO-Net and is available in the Apple app store. It is a 3D coloring game, so anyone of any age can play. To learn more check out this article, click here.


Added 4/23/20:

Take an Online Class

  • If you are looking to learn new things, offers free online courses from different universities, including Harvard, NYU, MIT, and the University of California. You can take many different courses on subjects like history, art, computer science, business, and many more. You don’t receive official credit for these classes, but they are excellent for learning new skills, and many offer certifications to add to your resume.

Listen to a Podcast

  • Are you looking for a new podcast? The Guardian gathered 50 of the most popular podcasts ranging from true crime to comedy; there is a podcast available for everyone.

Take a virtual trip to the Theater

  • Broadway HD is streaming some of the most popular musicals/plays to date for a limited time. The service has a 7-day free trial and is only $8.99 a month!
  • If you’re a Shakespeare fan, check out the Globe Theater’s website. Although the London theater is closed, you can now rent or buy many of their recorded live performances of Shakespeare’s plays.
  • The Metropolitan Opera House has also added streaming to their site. They have a nightly Met Opera stream so you can watch a new performance every day. To check out the schedule, click here.

Join a Virtual Happy Hour

  • If you’re missing your favorite happy hour spot, join a virtual happy hour hosted by breweries all over New York. Each night at 6:30 pm a new brewery hosts, and they cover a new topic or play a virtual game. This week on Sunday, 4/26, Unified Beerworks of Malta is hosting. To check out the full schedule, click here.

Learn a New Language

  • Check out these options for learning a new language for free, click here.

Earn a $5 rebate when you order take-out or delivery

  • Budweiser is offering a $5.00 rebate on any carry-out or delivery food purchase (no beer purchase is required), which can be used up to 4x per household, but the offer expires 5/1. Click here to get the coupon.


Added 4/14/20:

Virtual Museum, Zoo, and Theme Park Tours

  • You can virtually visit some of the most famous museums, zoos, and theme parks around the world from the comfort of your own home. Check out this list of the 30 different tours you could take, click here.

Virtual Live Music

  • Many concerts and music festivals have been canceled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Luckily there are artists and groups that have taken their performances online to share music with the world. NPR has collected a list of musicians with live-streamed concerts and updates this list daily, click here.

Learn to Cook

  • New York Kitchen posts many different cooking tutorials, tasting videos, recipes, and kids cooking ideas. Check out their blog, Facebook, or Instagram for some cooking tips and tricks.
  • The Culinary Institute of America also has some beneficial cooking tutorials on their website.

Shows and Movies to Watch

  • If you are looking for recommendations on what shows or movies to watch next, The New York Times put together a list of the most popular must-see shows and movies on all different streaming platforms, click here.

Books to Read

  • Time has put together a list of recommended books to read during the Coronavirus, click here. One of our residents has also shared an e-book for other Sunrise residents to enjoy; if you would like to read The Optimal Plate by Guy Waltman, click here.


Added 4/8/20:

Virtual Exercise Classes

  • The YMCA has released free workout videos with many different types of workouts, including yoga, barre, weightlifting, and includes an active older adult category: click here.
  • Here is a list of virtual exercise classes available by different gyms around the country. Many of them are free for the time being or have free trials: click here.

Spring Cleaning

  • Watch Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Condo for some tips on how to organize your apartment and get your spring cleaning done. This 10-minute video highlights some ideas Marie mentions in her show: click here.

Organize a Virtual Game Night

  • Using the app Houseparty, you can video chat with a group of your friends or family and play games. The app features games, including Heads Up, Quick Draw, Trivia, and Chips and Guac, which is similar to Cards Against Humanity.
  • You can also use any video conferencing app like Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and you play many different games. Martha Stewart gave a list of all types of different games you can play with friends and family on your virtual game night, click here.

Start a New Hobby

  • Whether it be painting, drawing, reading, puzzles, knitting, there are so many different hobbies you could start during this time. Maybe you could explore new hobbies or pick up ones that you haven’t had the time to do in a long time? Here is some advice on getting started: click here.