Draper Lofts Floor Plan Naming Contest

Posted by sunrise255 on March 9th, 2017

We are holding a contest to name the Draper Lofts Apartments floor plans. Enter to win a gift card to Tops American Grill!

1 Comment on “Draper Lofts Floor Plan Naming Contest

    I have tons of family (elders) that attended Draper school. More Specifically my grandmother who every time we passed the school she would remind me that she went there. As annoying as it was to hear the stories over and over again, they stuck with me even as an adult. She passed away in 2014. Now every time I drive by it, I say to my children “that’s where Gram went to school”.
    I think you should name it after my grandmother and call one of the floor plans “Thorpe” . Thank you!

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