Long Pond Village Movie Night 7/21/19

On Sunday, July 21st, residents of Long Pond Village gathered for a movie night in the Pool area. We watched “A Dog’s Way Home” on a 16 foot blow up screen while enjoying some fresh popcorn and refreshments. View this post to see photos of the event.

2019 Sunrise Multifamily Summit Event Recap

Event Recap: 2019 Sunrise Multifamily Summit

This post features an event recap of the 2019 Multifamily Summit published in the Albany Business Review.

Sunrise Rental Market Report in The Times Union 6/23/19

The results of the Sunrise Rental Market Report and findings from the Sunrise Multifamily Summit were discussed in an article in the Times Union. View this post to read the full article.

Sunrise Multifamily Summit Market Report in Albany Business Review’s Article on the Softening of the Rental Market

The findings from the Sunrise Multifamily Market Report were discussed in an article on the Albany Business Review. View this post to read the full article.

The Albany Business Review Spoke With Jesse Holland on New Regulations

The Albany Business Review spoke with Jesse Holland, President of Sunrise Management & Consulting, about the new law signed by Andrew Quomo restricting rent control policies and the effect it will have on landlords, property managers and developers. View this post to read the full article.

The Sunrise Multifamily Summit check presentation in the Times Union

We are so pleased that the Sunrise Multifamily Summit on 5/31 benefited the Homeless and Travelers Aid Society. Check out today’s Times Union with the ceremonial check! View this post for more info.

Carlton Hollow Long Term Care Planning Event 6/5/19

On Wednesday, June 5th, Carlton Hollow Apartments hosted an event with speakers from Herzog Law Firm and Northwestern Mutual, to discuss the Triple Crown of long term care planning. View this post to see some photos from the event.

Sunrise Multifamily Summit 2019

Experts in real estate, commercial banking, the economy, and the job market discussed factors that influence the opportunities and challenges for multifamily investors at the annual Sunrise Multifamily Summit held Friday, May 31, 2019 at the Century House in Latham. See the post for the full video of the event.