Real Estate Development

We have a passion for developing great communities for residents and tenants to live and work in.

Developing Great Communities

Bringing years of experience in residential and commercial development, we focus on the continual reconfiguration of the built environment to meet market needs.  To do this we motivate and manage the recreation of the spaces in which we live, work and play, transforming existing properties into great communities. We were committed to developing properties that are unsurpassed for quality of design and construction. Much of our success can be attributed to identifying the character of the property, the neighborhood it is in, and understanding the intricate development and zoning issues.

Market Focus

The need for this type of development is growing because of the changing tastes of how people want to work and live.  People are looking for rate reasonable housing in the neighborhoods they live and work in. Workers attracted to the growing technology industries prefer urban settings where they are close to services and places to meet. They prefer to live in smaller apartments in order to be able to afford and enjoy the ‘urban lifestyle’.

Growth Investments

At Sunrise,  we develop, design, construct, and refurbish existing buildings as  growth investments.  Successful property development is never just about bricks and mortar, or steel and glass. Experience shows that the vital component is always people. Having the right team sets the foundation for any development deal. Every deal is different and we can act in a variety of roles; as a speculative developer, as lead developer or in partnerships with builders, architects, and investors.

Great Opportunities

There are always numerous projects in our pipeline, and we continue to pursue these incredible development opportunities.  If you have a property to be transformed, or an interest to invest in a great community, contact us.