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Do you want to achieve consistent results and higher profits from your real estate investment?

Specialists in market information, aggressive property management and cutting edge development investments, the Sunrise Consulting Team can provide you with greater operational control, a game plan for investment success and outstanding results. Based on researched market data and analysis of market trends, Sunrise achieves the results you are after. We use our experience and successful property management insight to help you to make more money with your real estate investment with less stress and less hassles.

Property & Market Analysis

To be successful in multifamily rental property management, you must understand the strategic analysis of where a property stands in the rental housing market, and what the current rental property market trends are.  The Sunrise team provides accurate market assessments for prospective investments and currently operating properties.

Portfolio Performance

Whether an investment group, a REIT, or a High Net Worth investor, portfolio management is based on market knowledge, trends, and the ability to accurately assess and manage property-operating metrics. The goal is to ensure or exceed yield objectives while increasing the property value. The Sunrise team provides insightful support to portfolio managers, grounded in experience and knowledge.

Operational Analysis

All operational aspects of your investment property need to be working correctly to provide consistent, predictable and growing cash flow.  A high turnover rate could be rooted in a variety of operational issues; pricing, marketing, property maintenance, property management.  The Sunrise team evaluates performance, diagnoses root causes to operational issues, and provides recommendations on operational improvements.

Real Estate Investment Structuring

In today’s sophisticated financing and tax environment how your deal is structured can make a significant difference on return.  It has long term impact on investment performance, and it is the only mistake you cannot fix operationally.  With years of experience in structuring and financing over $500M in investment property deals, the Sunrise team can help you start your deal with the right financial structure.

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