About Us

Sunrise Management & Consulting, headquartered in Albany, NY, is a Real Estate Investment and Property Management company, providing a full spectrum of real estate services to transform real property into great investments and great communities.  We provide performance-driven management, consulting and market information services for owners and investors in residential and commercial real estate.

Jesse Holland formed Sunrise Management & Consulting in 1998 to focus on managing large multifamily rental properties. SM&C provides innovative management solutions, property analysis, training and consulting services to multifamily owners and investors.  In 2011 we added Sunrise Realty Advisors (www.sunrisera.com) to provide brokerage services for our clients.  In 2012 we added Sunrise Capital Partners to invest in and develop real estate.

By focusing on customer service, staff training, and growth opportunities we are able to deliver outstanding results to our clients and investors.

After 20+ years managing both residential multi-family and commercial properties, we know how to meet every challenge head-on, keeping your investments running smoothly and helping to add value to your properties.

Executive Management

Jesse Holland

Jesse Holland, President and Founder, is responsible for the vision and direction of Sunrise Management & Consulting business initiatives. He creates new business opportunities, designs innovative management and training programs, and leads the development of staff excellence. Creator of the Property Coach program for maximizing real estate investment, and the Property Gauge for scoring and managing multifamily investment default risk, Jesse is an Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) Accredited Residential Manager (ARM) and Certified Property Manager (CPM), a Quadel Certified Assisted Housing Manager (AHM) and a Licensed Real Estate Broker in New York State, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. He is a past president of the New York Region Chapter 93 of the IREM Association, and a past Regional Vice President of IREM. As a successful multi-family property owner himself, Jesse knows the nuances and challenges his clients to face every day and how to approach these issues with proven solutions to achieve successful outcomes and maximize real estate investment values. Jesse is an expert in the field and has been interviewed on local and regional TV as well as quoted in many real estate investment articles and national journals.

Keith Flores

Keith Flores, Chief Operating Officer and Regional Vice President, is responsible for the commercial and residential management divisions of the company. He oversees the day-to-day operations of multiple commercial and multifamily communities, staff development, and financial reporting. With excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to quickly assess dynamic situations, Keith provides a diverse staff leadership in motivation and focus on customer service. Keith is an Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) Accredited Residential Manager (ARM) and a Licensed New York State Real Estate Agent. He currently serves on the Executive Committee Council of the New York Capital Region Chapter 93 of the IREM Association.